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Let's TREKK Your Truck!

Trekk Systems offers heavy-duty rear seat deletes for Toyota,
Ford, GMC, Dodge, Jeep and other midsize and full-size trucks. Our
American-made rear seat replacements maximize cargo capacity so you can
haul more gear. Learn more about our aluminum rear seat deletes that
transform interior cab space.

  • Built for Adventure

    *Haul camping gear, tents

    *Make room for a portable fridge/freezer

    *Carry fishing poles, snowboards, and other toys

    *Bring along tools to handle any trail fixes, chain saw etc.

    *Load up for multi-day overlanding trips.

    *Free up space for water storage containers.

  • Maximize Your Work Truck

    *Fit large tool boxes and organizers

    *Transport equipment for the job site

    *Keep dirty/damaged cargo separate

    *Access your tools and supplies secure

    *Keep your hand tools safe and secure!

Precision Built, Expedition Ready!

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